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  • | Trading Up | Ways to elevate trade show booths

    Trade shows tend to be filled with the same old things.  The similar lounges and the typical swag bags can come off as boring, especially as most of your clients will have attended the show before.  Let's look some new ways to elevate your trade show booth...  

    trade show with hanging moss

    | Be green |  Loving this modern moss look created by I.B.M.

    virtual reality for trade shows

    | Virtual Insanity | Make your products a reality for your clients with a virtual reality experience.  Intel used this technology to share their product education with interactive games.

    custom tees for trade show
    | Think ink |  Gone are the days of t-shirts that go straight into the Goodwill pile.  With modern tees being soft and fashionable your clients will actually want to wear one with your logo on top.  (And think of all the free advertising!)

    live stream your trade show

    | Live in the moment | Consider live streaming your event so you can reach out to those that couldn't attend.

    cozy homey booth for trade show
    | Create comfort |  Want to attract future clients?  Keep it cozy with a booth that will invite them to relax and take shelter from the usual bright lights and sales pitches.  This living room set up from Epic did just that.

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