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  • Inventory Highlight: Bars

    A lot of parties and events have one thing in common: celebration! What better way to celebrate at your event than a nice cocktail? We have just the bar to do that!

    Take a look at all the different types of bars we have to offer to fit any event and its theme.

    Insert Bars


    These insert bars allow you to tie in your overall design theme into this piece by customizing it and adding whatever you want.



    We can add a custom decal or insert to your bar to display your event logo; plus, a bar doesn't only have to be for the drinks! Use it as your event check-in station.

    Acrylic Bars with Custom Decals


    We can also customize your event's bar with a decal of your wedding, company, or event's logo!

    Light Up Bars


    Let these bars illuminate your event when the lights go down!

    Abstract Patterned Bars


    Bars like these will be the focal point of any room with their funky and textured patterns.

    Rustic Style Bars


    We've even got bars that will match your rustic theme! Bring the outdoor feel inside with this style bar.

    Christmas-Themed Bars


    Eventures can design your bar to fit any theme, especially for your holiday party! 

    Every event could use a bar, so let us create one to match your event's design and theme!

  • | An effervescent event | And bubbly bar we would love to create for you!

    While the northeast prepares for the snow, let's take a trip to sunny Florida where our favorite champagne brand hosted quite the fête!

    veuve cliquot carnival decor

    veuve cliquot carnival party photos

    veuve clicquot carnaval tent

    veuve clicquot carnaval cart

    Veuve Cliquot hosted their 3rd annual Carnival which featured traditional Carnaval entertainment, samba dancers, drummers, and live music.  What we adore about this party, isn't just the featured drink, but also the liveliness of the event.  With such a bright, fun, and colorful aesthetic, the event appeared just as bubbly as the beverage.  

    Wanting to create your own Veuve Cliquot bar at your next event?  We've created several like this one below and would love to help inspire your next effervescent event!

  • Fun Holiday Bar Additions

    The bottles of Swig & Swallow mixers come partially filled, so D.I.Y. bartenders can add the spirit of their choice. The brand is set to launch new packaging later this month.

    With the holidays coming up, people will be spending most weekends attending parties for work or their own social gatherings.  Whether they're toasting friends or raising a glass to the boss, there's no better time to elevate your bar offerings then during the holidays.  

    Impress your guests with these great ideas, that will help your event standout during this festive time of the year... 

    DIY Mixers

    Disco TumblersBe Mixed Mixer

    Perfect Paper Drink Straws

    If there's one piece that's sure to be memorable, it's those sparkling disco ball tumblers.  Since those containers need straws, look for festives ones in holiday or non-holiday styles.  You can even add your client's company logo to them!  

    Even if your guests won't see what's going on behind the bar, they will certainly be able to taste it.  Making sure to stock high quality liquors and mixers is a must.  One easy and effective choice are Swig & Swallow's partially filled mixers.  All the bartenders will have to do is choose the appropriate liquor, no need to mix!  Offer alongside some zero-calorie mixer from Be-Mixed and all your guests are sure to be as festive as the season!

    Images taken from BizBash