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  • The look of the Golden Globes parties

    golden globes party 2017

    golden globes party 2017

    golden globes party 2017 hbo party

    golden globes party 2017

    The Golden Globes is probably the most fun award show there is.  First of all, the Moet is flowing, and without the stuffiness of similar events, everyone is in a great mood.  We love watching the stars dress up, have a ball, and be silly on stage.  Besides all the gorgeous dresses, the other spotlight we focus on is the event's amazing decor.  Above are images from the after parties of Warner Bros., HBO, Fox Hulu, and lastly NBC.  

    Which is our favorite?  Well we might just be partial to NBC... after all we do spy some of our favorite chairs!  Wanting to get the look to?  See what our Chameleon Chair can do for your next event!

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