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  • Under starry skies

    tent that looks like a starlit sky

    moon shaped stage

    moonshine cocktails

    starry sky tent

    While some clients might dream of starlit skies during their event, we know that's not always possible... especially with our unpredictable Oklahoma weather!  Sometimes you have to create your own magic, as in the case of this City of Hope gala.  This tented evening had guests feeling like they were under a starry sky.  Fiber-optic panels hung from the ceiling, creating a beautiful night sky that the crowd could gaze at while sipping "moonshine" inspired cocktails.

    As you can tell, lighting truly does make the difference. If you're wanting to bring your indoor party "outside," we have the expertise to take it on!

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  • Party on the patio ~


    Sometimes the party has to move outside.  Whether it's a beautiful night or a round of cigars, you need to be prepared for where the evening might take your guests.  Our Florenza seating is perfect for any outdoor event and looks elegant when paired with our boxwood panels.  

    Just because you're outside doesn't mean you can't be comfortable and stylish.

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  • The Great Outdoors

    There is one backdrop which is rivaled only by our Pink Sequin Backdrop, and that is the beauty of the great outdoors! We find incredible inspiration in luscious green landscaping set against the vibrant Oklahoma sky – seeking out complementary tones to transform your event’s look. A lawn-seated fashion show brings an unexpected amount of extraordinary to an event traditionally found indoors. Why not embrace a natural setting by utilizing tree trunks as coffee tables? If there is one thing Eventures is not afraid of, it is pushing the boundaries of “normal.” Next time you are seeking an out of the box style, take a nod from Eventures by taking it outside!