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  • Runway to Tabletop ~ Feel like royalty‏


    Every woman wants to be a queen. Who doesn’t dream of wearing a diamond crown upon her head or royal jewels around her neck? Dolce and Gabbana made this dream a reality with their aristocratic themed Fall 2013 runway show. They channeled royalty of the past by mixing thick golden crowns with jewel encrusted gowns and paired them with ancient mosaic patterns. Viewers were left with a dark and romantic sense of ancient monarchy.



    Recently, we had quite the royal event. A velvet throne was placed in front of golden curtains and a glittering purple backdrop while white crowns with flowers* and gold chargers adorned gorgeous aubergine linens. These vibrant touches combined with classic elements made an event fit for a queen! Make certaintoadd some regal touches to any event you host, whether it be a wedding or company party. Your guests will come away feelinglike royalty.

    xo Ally
    The Pinterest Princess

    *Flowers fromHydrangea Floral Design Studio