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  • Runway to Tabletop ~ 2015 Golden Globes

    I was excited when I heard that Tina Fey and Amy Poehlerwould return this year to host the Golden Globes. Since award shows can be a bore itwasnice that these funny ladies kept the laughs coming. But let's be honest, the real reason we watch these shows is for the gowns and glitz!

    This year didn't disappoint and one of the stand out trends was sparkling silver.


    These ladies stood out in their shimmering silver dresses and reminded us of one of our recent events. During this past December, we created this glimmering party that featured cool blue lighting and our favorite metallic silver linens. White trees, icy centerpieces and our metallic Chameleon Chairs complimented our most famous linens and created a glamorously winter look.


    Whether you're looking for an evening that rivals the Golden Globes or a small and elegant dinner party, we would love to help you add some sparkle to your next affair ~