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  • personalize your entrance

    Set the tone for your wedding with your grand personalized entrance.  At a recent wedding, guests were greeted with this oversized custom place card table that elegantly reflected the taste of the bride and groom.  The gold and glass table was adorned with fresh flowers including cascading orchids.  This stunner was truly as unforgettable as the wedding itself! 

  • Making it Personal

    “My rule is, if it’s not moving – monogram it.” – Reese Witherspoon

    When it comes to personalization, we couldn’t agree more with Ms. Witherspoon!  Our stylists are excellent when it comes to including a special touch to your wedding. One of our favorite ways to add that one-of-a-kind element is to include a monogram for your big day. Whether it is an initial lighting up the aisle, an image of the couple’s monogram on the dance floor, or even written in floral upon the walls – this is one way to truly make the day your own.  The team of Creative Geniuses work with you to select the perfect image, and a day you will never forget!