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  • Mood Board Monday ~ under the sea


    Behind every event is a mood board.  For a recent event, we took our inspiration from all things under the sea.  We imaged a dreamy design featuring different shaped shells, metallic coral, and several different shades of ocean blue for our table linens.  We also we just happened to have the perfect coral patterned linens!  

    Stay tuned to see our creation come to life and until then have a great Monday!

    ~ E


  • Mood Board Monday ~ Ocean Blue


    We’re kind of partial to blue around the office.

    It can represent two of the most important elements of our world.  Depending on the shade one can elicit images of the cool ocean depths or a warm breeze on a spring day.  For an upcoming event, we brainstormed using one of our favorite hues and combining it with silver shiny metallics, seashells, jellyfish shaped pendants, and ocean-like lighting.

    While textured linens will come into play along with our classic Chameleon Chairs, this first step is all about the dream.  Right now we’re dreaming of the sea... and maybe when we're finished cocktails on the beach.

    ~ E