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  • Inventory Highlight: Bars

    A lot of parties and events have one thing in common: celebration! What better way to celebrate at your event than a nice cocktail? We have just the bar to do that!

    Take a look at all the different types of bars we have to offer to fit any event and its theme.

    Insert Bars


    These insert bars allow you to tie in your overall design theme into this piece by customizing it and adding whatever you want.



    We can add a custom decal or insert to your bar to display your event logo; plus, a bar doesn't only have to be for the drinks! Use it as your event check-in station.

    Acrylic Bars with Custom Decals


    We can also customize your event's bar with a decal of your wedding, company, or event's logo!

    Light Up Bars


    Let these bars illuminate your event when the lights go down!

    Abstract Patterned Bars


    Bars like these will be the focal point of any room with their funky and textured patterns.

    Rustic Style Bars


    We've even got bars that will match your rustic theme! Bring the outdoor feel inside with this style bar.

    Christmas-Themed Bars


    Eventures can design your bar to fit any theme, especially for your holiday party! 

    Every event could use a bar, so let us create one to match your event's design and theme!

  • Around the world with AmEx

    hallway with candles
    around the world theme party decor
    around the world party decor

    Do you love to travel?  Even so, we're sure you don't like this one part of it... the actual 'getting' to your designation.  With flight delays and cancellations, Amex is trying to help make your time flying a little more luxurious.  They recently hosted an around the world theme party to celebrate their new Centurion Lounges in Hong Kong, Philadelphia, and Seattle.  

    To get members excited, the company took the characteristics of each location and incorporated them into their new lounges.  Their aim was to create a fun and festive look using decor that spanned everything from fur walls for the Nordic theme, to real bamboo on the Hong Kong venue walls.  The event reminded us of our very own 'trip around the world' themed party from last year.  It's one of our favorite themes as it allows you to easily keep your guests entertained and engaged.   What are some of the themed events that you've attended and enjoyed?

    {photos from BizBash}

  • Welcome to Candyland

    You might find Halloween to be scary, we find it pretty sweet.  After all, it's the official day of indulging in your favorite candy and treats.  How fitting is it that this past weekend we created a land of sugary perfection.  You may remember it as Candyland!  

    So, come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination...

    Inspired by Willy Wonka and all things sweet, we designed custom gum ball centerpieces, lollipop topiaries, and tables made entirely of rainbow-colored gum.  The vibrant dance floor was made of bright sweets and was the perfect place for guests to dance off their sugar rush.  Even Brittany and Whitney got in on the fun with some lollipop posing.

    Enjoy these yummy confectionery creations and have a safe and happy Halloween!  

  • Diffa Dining by Design 2015

    Looking for inspiration for transforming your dining room from the ordinary to the extraordinary?   Check out Diffa's annual Dining by Design event. It is an amazing showcase of creative and over-the-top dining room decoration by some of the most talented interior designers.  This 5-day extravaganza benefits AIDS awareness and supports organizations that provide treatment, direct care services, preventive education programs and advocacy for individuals impacted by HIV/AIDS.  

    Every year we look forward to seeing what outrageous and dreamy ideas these creatives visionaries come up with.  This year we participated in a similar event and we hope you had a chance to see it!  Take a look here to see what inspired our very own rocking dining design. 

  • Mood Board Monday ~ Red, White, and Blue Stripes

    red, white, and blue decor 

    This weekend was a busy one!  We had several events and while they were completely different concepts, there was one similar theme... Red, white, and blue stripes!  It's the perfect color palette for when you're trying to create a patriotic, bold, or festive feeling.  For this past weekend, the combination was used to show honor at one of our events while at another we used it to take our guests to the circus.  

    No matter what event theme or color palette you're wanting, let us help guide you to the perfect execution of your idea!

    ~ E