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  • Looking back on 2016

    Eventures 2016

    Looking back at this unbelievable year...  

    From horse shows, to candyland, to unforgettable weddings, and one rocking event; we had a year to remember.  We couldn't have done it without all your support!  All of us at Eventures are looking forward to the new year and we hope we get to spend it with you!

    Happy New Year!

  • A new year and a new start ~

    new years resolutions  

    Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.
    ~ Oprah Winfrey

    Instead of making unattainable goals, we're going to focus on the good stuff.  Be happy and never take anything for granted.  This year we're going to continue doing what we love and look forward to new projects on the horizon.  Like Oprah says, let's get it right again!

    ~ E