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  • Incorporating the 5 Senses Into Your Event

    Touch, sight, sound, taste, and smell. We use them every day without realizing it. Eventures also uses the five senses to create memorable events!

    Take a look at how we incorporated the 5 sense into this recent event! 


    Different textured linens and chair covers appealed to guests' sense of touch while they enjoyed conversation and the event presentation. 


    This geometric display added depth and dramatic lighting to the stage. Paired with draping and larger than life screens, this stage had an impressive impact!


    The band performed in the center of the room which gave emphasis to this sense with a "surround sound" experience.


    Guests were provided with a dessert that was both visually alluring and delicious to eat. A special treat is always a great way to appeal to your guests' taste buds!


    Low scent flowers were used to maintain a light but pleasant aroma during this simple, yet elegant event. You can punch up your guests' interaction with this sense through fragrant flowers or the aroma of a delectable dinner!

     Whether you're planning a social party, corporate event, or fabulous wedding, the design team at Eventures is ready to delight the senses at your next event!

  • Mood Board Monday ~ backing up the backdrop

    It's all about the backdrop...

    Think about when you're at dinner -- soft lighting, romantic music, and a beautiful backdrop make all the difference in the world. For an upcoming event we're focusing on the backdrop.  Reflective, textured, or rich looking, all the touches will add to the evening's experience.  

    In this case, opulence doesn't mean overdoing it. 

    ~ E



  • Mood Board Monday ~ metallic, mirrored, and magical


    Even though Christmas is eight months away, it's our job to start planning for it.  Red and green may be the traditional Xmas theme, but we enjoy the challenge of creating something more original.  While planning this year's showstopper we were inspired by these multifaceted Christmas displays.

    We're dreaming of a metallic, mirrored, and magical Christmas!

    ~ E

  • Runway to Tabletop ~ La Dolce Vita Design

    Dolce literally means sweet. It's also part of one of my favorite fashion duos, Dolce & Gabbana.  We've shared our love of this ornate and detail obsessed brand before but we've been moved by their designs once again.

    Last fall the brand showcased a collection entitled "Enchanted Sicily." The pieces featured their usual Italian flare along with a fairytale theme. We were inspired to take a similar approach in a recent event. We wanted rich red velvets, daring draping, and some elegant Tuscan accents.

    The room design incorporated our Paprika Embossed Chiffon Resource One linens and our golden Chameleon Chair seating.  Added to the mix were colorful mosaic candleholders, a beautifully painted Tuscan backdrop, and a wrought iron garden ivy covered gazebo.  Once the lights dimmed, the room was bathed in soft golden lighting.




    Wanting to add the designer touch to your next event?

    Our specialty is creating events that celebrate that sweet life, or la dolce vita!