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  • Couture & Culture | Chanel Sneakers



    Setting up an event can be quite the feat and it usually means we spend a lot of time on our... feet.

    If you've been following our blog you know how much we love fashion, especially all things Chanel.  Even if we're working an event, a simple sneaker just won't do!  These fabulous Camellia stitched sneakers always draws a stare or two.  With leather and floral laser cutouts, they are feminine with just the right amount of edge.

    They come from the closet of our Creative Queen, Mary Ellen, who's known for always having the best accessories.  Let's hope she's in a sharing mood, because I certainly wouldn't 'borrowing' from her.

    ~ E


  • In Her Shoes | Madame Presidente

    Whitney, our Madame Presidente, wears many shoes to make the magic happen at Eventures.

    Do you think you could keep up with her?!