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  • "Making a list and checking it twice"

    christmas check list

    The holiday madness is about to begin!  

    With the countdown till Christmas beginning, now is the time to get ahead of your to-do list.  As a guide, let's look to the stylishly organized Real Simple Magazine for an easy way to stay on target this holiday season.

    Start with these 5 tasks now...

    Do any online shopping.
    Wrap gifts as you buy them.
    Take stock of your decorations.
    Take stock of dishes and glasses.
    Start addressing holiday cards.

    Three Weeks Before (First Week of December)

    Mail cards.
    Buy a live tree.
    Finalize menus.
    Order a turkey or ham.

    Two Weeks Before (Second Week of December)

    Make sure out-of-town presents are mailed.
    Shop for nonperishable items.

    One Week Before

    Deep clean your house.
    Buy batteries for children’s toys.

    Three Days Before

    Shop for fresh ingredients.
    Set the table.

    Two Days Before

    Start cooking.
    Buy fresh flowers.

    The Day Before

    Recharge the batteries on your camera or video recorder.
    Finish last-minute wrapping.
    Finish cooking, and make a timeline for the next day.
    Sit back and relax!!