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  • from ice bars to antler chandeliers ~ #TBT

    Before you know it you'll be hearing about pumpkin-spiced-everything along with Halloween treats and eventually Christmas!  Don't let the holidays sneak up on you, start planning now.  We can help you with your office Christmas party, production, or anything in between. From over-the-top, let us create and customize your dream event.

    Just don't wait until it's too late! Start your holiday planning today.

    ~ E


  • Glacier Glam

    Winter runway shows can be quite the spectacle.   The designers must have so much fun when they get to work with snow and ice as inspirations.  I mentioned in a previous post how much I loved the Chanel show which featured a giant iceberg.  Here are a few other runway displays that took advantage of a wintry theme.




    During Christmas we had our very own iceberg moment.  It featured our fabulous mosaic polar bear surrounded by peaks of actual ice!  The ice below created a large circular wine bar.  Wine glasses rested on elegant ice columns with our famous polar bear standing watch.

    Low lying fog and white fringe swag added to the wintry effect.  It was a grand display to say the least!




    Sometimes you must out all the stops when it comes to planning your event and we have just the tools to take your party to the next level... polar bears and all.