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  • | High Fashion | How to bring all the glitz of Fashion Week to your event

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    This week kicks off New York Fashion Week.  As the shows take on a new season of fashion, let's see how to get the same buzz worthy feel of a runway show.  Rachel Young is a producer at LDJ Productions, which manages NYFW, Miami Swim Week, Men's Fashion Week, and more.  In this interview, Rachel tells BizBash all the ways we can create an event as glitzy as a high-end runway show.

    1. Plan, plan, and then plan some more. "Pre-production is the most important part of any event, be it a fashion show, a two-day conference, or a two-hour corporate meeting. During this time, whether it’s a week or six months, get your team on the same page and take it step-by-step. Begin with solid research and curate your top-choice venues, conduct site visits, and plot out the vendors you will need."

    "Be aware of what you need to get done, and be realistic and transparent with clients on short turnaround times. The worst thing you can do is over-promise and under-deliver. I find it extremely helpful to figure out in advance what approvals you will need, and who will be signing off on those decisions. Clear communication with clients on all aspects of an event helps streamline what can often be a very logistically complicated project."

    2. Know your audience and manage your time. "The guest experience is the key to a successful event, and that begins the moment a project begins. It’s important to set up time goals for the event itself, and think about the message that needs to come across within that time frame. For a corporate event, it may be about impressing internal clients and employees with a clear, concise presentation, whereas a fashion show is about exterior customers and the media."

    3. Get the most bang for your buck. "Before you begin to build a budget, it’s important to understand your client’s end goals and priorities. Try and divide a budget so that more resources are put toward items that are audience-facing and that directly affect the guest experience. I have found that budgets are more and more challenging, and it helps to put all elements into a budget and divide by “nice-to-have” versus “must-have.”

    4. Assign clear roles for staff and promote learning. "Any event, at any scale, needs to be a team effort. Designate roles early on for your entire team, so that objectives and deadlines are clear from Day 1. Mentor relationships are a huge part of the event world: We want the production assistant to shadow the director and not only understand the role, but strive for it. A staff that feels supported, understands objectives, and is motivated to perform translates to a world-class event."

    5. Pay attention to finishing details. "A successful event often comes down to those last details that should always be thought about ahead of time. A live show or event means you never get a second chance and the execution must be perfect every time. Think through every possible detail so that when you are onsite you can deal with all of the surprises that will happen."

  • Runway to Tabletop ~ First Thursdays Fashion Show

    As you know, we here at Eventures are a little obsessed with fashion.  Scratch that, we are VERY obsessed with fashion!  We are always excited anytime we get to participate in any kind of fashion related event.  Last Thursday, Classen Curve and Nichols Hill Plaza partnered up to put on a #FirstThursdaysFashionShow and we were honored to take part in this runway show.


    From the runway to the lighting we provided everything... and we even rolled out the red carpet!  Most people don't think that Oklahoma is a very fashionable state but we're working to change that.  After all, we're all a pretty stylish group, if we do say so ourselves.



    Have a fashion forward party or event coming up?  

    Let us help create, design, and execute your upcoming show or showcase, and if you're looking for fashionable inspiration, make sure and check out our Pinterest!

  • Runway to Tabletop ~ Showstopping Shows

    Runway shows are an art in themselves.  Most top designers painstakingly plan every detail of their future shows, starting the second their last one ends!  For example, Chanel is always known for an over-the-top display.  One of my favorites was their 2003 Metiers d'Art show which featured a grand feast complete with chandeliers, crystal stemware, and opulent candelabras.

    From charity auction to fashion event, our runways can be described as classic, elegant, bold, and vibrant.  No matter if it's outdoors, under a tent, or in a grand ballroom we will make it unforgettable!  Below are a few of my favorites that we've done throughout the years.

    Wouldn't you love to turn up the notch on your next fashionable event?  Let us create a runway show your guests will never forget!

    xo Ally 

    The Pinterest Princess

  • Runway to Tabletop ~ Silver Accents‏

    We're never one to shy away from shimmering details. Our style, along with fashion house Balmain, favors ornate detailing and a sparkling, glitzy aesthetic. One of my favorite runway shows that displayed this fun and flashy design is from their fall 2011 collection.

    During one of our past events, we covered the stage with silvery mirrored details that lit up with every beam of light. The tablescapes glistened with a mix of sequins and swirling patterned linens. Warm purple andfuchsia florals added the perfect contrast against the coolness of the silver tabletops. This sterling display was definitely loved by all.

    With metallic embellishments beingau courantadd some silver accents to your next outfit. And if you're planning an upcoming event, we'll show you how to sparkle.

    xo Ally

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