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  • Do one thing everyday...

    It's the best way to start out your week!

    ~ E 

  • Be a goal digger ~


    Know what you want and go for it.  That's all you gotta do!


    ~ E 


  • Morning Routines of Successful Women

    cappuccino laptop 

    As Monday rolls around again, we wonder how do some of our favorite women start their day?   This post from MyDomaine shares the morning routines of successful women like Anna Wintour.  What is your secret to starting off the day right?  For us, there's nothing like a good old fashion workout, followed by cappuccino.

    Let's get motivated and get our week started!

    ~ E 

  • Monday Motivation... and slushies!



    On Mondays, sometimes you just need a little positive message to get you going.  

    Even we need a little boost sometimes!   Here's a look back at one of our crazy busy days where a much needed Sonic slushie run helped keep us going.

    Let the power of positivity, and the occasional sugar rush, get you through this Monday!

    ~ E


  • you were born to stand out...


    Be uniquely yourself!

    ~ E