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  • I already have rentals… do I need a Stylist as well?

     I’m already renting all of my decor items from you…why do I need a Stylist as well?

    Anyone can drop off rentals for your wedding reception, but only someone with an eye for styling can be trusted to add special personal touches in an artful and meaningful way. A real Designer takes the time to create a look that is polished from start to finish.


    While we are happy to provide purely a rental service to our brides, we highly recommend utilizing our styling and production services to ensure your vision turns out exactly as you dreamed it would. The day of the wedding shouldn’t be spent running around and stressing about the finishing touches. Where is the enjoyment if your day is filled with worry? You should relax and enjoy your time with friends and family on your wedding day, and most importantly, your new spouse.

    Let professionals handle the planning and design! You truly won’t regret it.




  • Currently Coveting | The Social Sister

    Brittany is a Social Sister who is always on the hunt for fun, new restaurants to try out with her friends. She is a huge fan of S&B’s Bloody Mary menu, with a list so lengthy that she has a new option for every visit!  Brittany has been pairing patterns a lot lately – trying out new trends and mixing up her wardrobe. Leopard and plaid, florals and stripes – it just never gets old! Finding her inner flower child, Brittany is so excited to test out Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore. As Drew promises, we just know she will love the way she looks!  When we want to know about a new movie, Brittany is the first person we ask. She loves relaxing with a great film, and Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie is at the top of her summer list!  For events, Brittany likes to jazz things up with a modern lighting fixture. Our hip steins have a soft glow, illuminating and transforming an open space.