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  • Celebrating our Olivia


    Some days we rock bold outfits and design even bolder events, some days we dress for the moment and celebrate life.  Today was the latter...and an extra special celebration!

    We traded our sky-high stilettos for crazy socks in honor of World Down Syndrome Day, and invited our friend, Olivia.  We had her over for a party to celebrate her joy for life... and love for chocolate cake!  Cheesy smiles and infectious laughter filled the offices of Eventures as Olivia and her family explored the warehouse, which her twin sister, Sophie described as "a little bit spooky!"

    It's our passion to create magical celebrations, and when we can do it while adding joy to the lives of children, then it's all the sweeter! 


    Our celebration of Olivia was more than just "Socks that Rock," it was pure fun!

    ~ E