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  • Celebrate every day ~

     We're all about celebrating!  

    Life is short, so our attitude is that every moment should be treated as a small celebration.  We can't wait to share our latest event, but until then here's a little motto and positivity to finish off your week with.  And as always, follow our behind the scenes fun (and our latest brainstorming sessions) over on our Instagram.  

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    ~ E

  • Mood Board Monday ~ classic wedding style


    Classic details will ensure that your outfit will never go out of style.  This is also true for weddings!  Beautiful white flowers will always be fashionable along with a shiny chandelier.  But make sure to add your own favorite elements.  For today's mood board we were inspired by fun polka dots, edgy gold detailing, and mirrored objects.  It's those individual elements that will make your day memorable and so very you.

    Whatever you're dreaming up we would love to help bring to life!

    ~ E



  • Runway to Tabletop ~ Construction Chic

    Fashion doesn't have to be so serious.  Some brands enjoy having a good laugh over the ridiculousness of runway shows and Moschino is one of them.  Their latest collection took polar opposites Ronald McDonald and Coco Chanel and combined them for a mix of cheeky chic.

    When faced with a construction theme we knew we could do better than caution tape and orange vests.   We took the standard equipment from job sites (scaffolding, orange cones, ladders) and blended them with girly pink hard hats and elegant black and white striped linens.  Lunch pails were placed in front of every seat, along with Twinkies and other typical lunch time treats.  Even the centerpieces were in on the joke -- we took pink and purple toy dump trucks surrounded them with cheerful gerbera daisies!

    We love mixing the ordinary with the extraordinary -- who else could make construction equipment so chic?!

  • Runway to Tabletop ~ Spring Florals

    “Florals? For spring? Ground breaking.” -- Miranda Priestly (Devil Wears Prada)

    While the trend of spring florals is nothing new, it certainly is completely appropriate.   With these spring breezes come blooming flowers and shorter hemlines.  Just flip through your favorite fashion magazines and you'll find plenty of models and celebrities wearing their favorite little floral frocks. 

    As an event specialist, it's important to have a great relationship with floral designers, especially this time of year.  We have the pleasure of working with some of themost talented floral artists in the city and their creations are key in many of our displays.  A table will always look best with a stunning centerpiece, and these florals complement our gorgeous linens, magical lighting, and elegant décor just perfectly.  

    No matter what time of year, floral details can add an air of spring to any event.  Next time you're seeking to add a touch of this wonderful season to your event let us help find the perfect petals! 


    The Pinterest Princess