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  • Sweet treats for a sweet season

    holiday party dessert ideas copy

    Eat, drink, and be merry!  

    It's the key to any holiday celebration.  While the drinks and merriment go hand in hand, what about the eating part?  There are so many fun ideas for sweets around this season but we wanted to share a couple that really hit our sweet spot every time.  While s'mores may be an overdone treat, the idea of cute packaging certainly isn’t.  Create an adorable parting gift for your guests as they leave the party.  Make sure to add several different flavors of marshmallows and unusual chocolate pairings.  Give them something to remember you by!

    One other idea that we adore...

    How about a doughnut and coffee station.  Before your guests hit the road, give them a warm cup of coffee and a delicious donut.  This is especially great if your party is going into the wee hours of the night, you can serve them a little "breakfast" before they go.

     What dessert do you look forward to during the holidays?  

    We would love to know! 

  • Fresh and new Christmas party ideas (to surprise your guests!)

    We love the new and unusual, and Christmas time is the right time to try out something different.  Everyone can have the usual boring Christmas party, but don't you want to surprise your guests with something better?  Might we suggest four fresh ideas to wake up your event...

    indoor snow storm

    Bring in a snow machine to make it an actual White Christmas.  At the Conrad Hilton Miami, the snowstorm was indoors!  Who knew it could snow in Florida...

    life size snow globe

    Create a life-size snow globe for guests to take photos in.  It could even be made into an enclosed photo booth or selfie station!

    rentals beer garden table

    Looking for some European charm?  A beer garden theme is an easy and inexpensive party idea.  Just bring in tables, checkered linens, and a local brewery for an event every guy is sure to love.

    french dessert table

    And speaking of Europe... Marie Antoinette would be proud of this dessert spread.  If you're looking for a more elegant type affair, go for a French theme and add on an extravagant table like this one.  A grandeur (and delicious) table like this won't be forgotten!

    Which idea would you like at your next party?

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  • | Oh Christmas Tree | Christmas tree trends for 2016

    christmas tree decor ideas for 2016

    This weekend you'll probably start to get your home ready for the holidays.  Every year new trends are unveiled just in time for Christmas.  This year the themes are all over the place!  We're seeing tradition plaids modernized with the addition of marquee lettering, monochromatic metallics, silk florals, and even rainbows.  

    Looking for something more classic?  Make your very own pinecone Christmas tree and for an extra touch use cinnamon-scented pinecones.  It will make your home smell like the holidays all the way into the new year!

    Which tree is your favorite?

  • Holiday Party Ideas

    With this first taste of cool weather, we've got holiday parties on the brain.  For some inspiration, we're looking to these ideas for sharing the holiday spirit.  From wreathes to interactive lights, scroll below to see what magical ideas have us looking forward to this festive time of year!

    holiday party ideas

    Love these interactive “stars” created for Stella Artois’ 2015 holiday campaign.

    holiday party ideas -- wreath making station

    How about a make-your-own wreath station?  Photo from Seed Floral.

    holiday snowflake lighting

    The holidays are the perfect time to incorporate specialty lighting like this event design and production company Sterling Engagements.  They created an outdoor winter wonderland with string lights and snowflake projections.

    holiday party ideas -- ping pong partyHow about a ping-pong party?  The ideas comes from Spin, a network of ping-pong social clubs in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Toronto. 

    holiday party ideas -- 007 inspired

    Last year, Groupon hosted a “007”-theme holiday party at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. Event Creative decked the venue with James Bond-inspired decor. 

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  • Waiting for Santa ~





    Christmas Eve is only two days away, and Santa is already packing up for his busy night of gift giving. We're lucky to have worked with Santa on many occasions and we always enjoy getting his village ready for little visitors. While our elves will be off enjoying the holiday break, we’ll still be busy watching Santa on his journey. With the Santa Tracker, we can all follow along as he delivers gifts to all the children the world over.

    Since we've all been good all year long, we're hoping he drops by with a little something from Coco or Karl... wink.

    Merry Christmas!
    ~ E