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  • Cheers to 21 years ~


    Last night with a little help, and a lot of planning, we surprised our Queen.  After 21 years of hard work, dedication, and amazing events we couldn't wait to throw her a surprise birthday/anniversary party that was fit for a queen.  

    Since we're all still recovering from the festivities you'll have to wait for the pictures, but until then read all about Mary Ellen Alexander and her creative process on last week's questionnaire.

    All hail our Queen MEA and cheers to 21 years!!!

    ~ E


  • A curious questionnaire with our Creative Queen ~


    With a combination of creativity and love of theatre, Mary Ellen Alexander specializes in customizing events to fit her client's needs.  Her passion for architecture, fashion, as well as being an eternal optimist, allows her to bring over-the-top creations to life.  Let's find out more about our Creative Queen with this week's questionnaire!

    What is the first thing you do as creative director queen?

    I always keep my eyes open. I never know where I may find my inspiration. I am always looking at everything in many ways and then I document it. I see something and it may not have a thing to do with what I am working on….so I save it. My creative files are massive. This process has been going on for years.

    How does your process unfold?

    I like working on multiple projects. Hate deadlines, but then love the pressure of deadlines. I’ve never been one to follow the same process. I have a tendency to think “really big aspects” and “out of the ordinary” and then work from there. It is interesting in the fact that I am very detailed, but like the chaos.

    Where do you draw inspiration from?

    Everything…literally. Nature, architecture, magazines, fashion is big with me, conversations, colors, interior désign, music, theater, textiles. The list is endless…. It really is what I said before, I always keep my eyes open and the inspiration comes.

    What is your favorite aspect of creating?

    The idea of “no restrictions” is a huge part of it. I love not being confined. Having the opportunity to “dream” is pretty cool!

    How would you describe your perfect event?

    Wish I could, no event that is perfect. Nothing is really perfect. There is always something that needs attention. It is just part of the process and the challenge to make it perfect.

    If you could pick one word to describe one of your events, what would it be?

    “…” awesome! I guess that is two words!


    ~ E

  • In Her Shoes | The Creative Queen

    To say our Creative Geniuses wear many hats is true. However, they wear an even greater variety of shoes! Here is a look into a day in the shoes of our Creative Queen…