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  • Celebrate every day ~

     We're all about celebrating!  

    Life is short, so our attitude is that every moment should be treated as a small celebration.  We can't wait to share our latest event, but until then here's a little motto and positivity to finish off your week with.  And as always, follow our behind the scenes fun (and our latest brainstorming sessions) over on our Instagram.  

    Just follow us here!

    ~ E

  • Cheers to 21 years ~


    Last night with a little help, and a lot of planning, we surprised our Queen.  After 21 years of hard work, dedication, and amazing events we couldn't wait to throw her a surprise birthday/anniversary party that was fit for a queen.  

    Since we're all still recovering from the festivities you'll have to wait for the pictures, but until then read all about Mary Ellen Alexander and her creative process on last week's questionnaire.

    All hail our Queen MEA and cheers to 21 years!!!

    ~ E


  • Saying goodbye to summer ~


    Veuve bucket on glass table 

    These last days of summer should be celebrated in style.  We always keep a bottle, or two, of Veuve chilling in our fridge just in case the occasion arises.  So let's toast to the end of one season and the beginning of the next!  We believe that the little things in life are meant to be celebrated, and that's doubly true on a Friday.  Cheers to the weekend and bring on fall!

    ~ E