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  • Welcome to Candyland

    You might find Halloween to be scary, we find it pretty sweet.  After all, it's the official day of indulging in your favorite candy and treats.  How fitting is it that this past weekend we created a land of sugary perfection.  You may remember it as Candyland!  

    So, come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination...

    Inspired by Willy Wonka and all things sweet, we designed custom gum ball centerpieces, lollipop topiaries, and tables made entirely of rainbow-colored gum.  The vibrant dance floor was made of bright sweets and was the perfect place for guests to dance off their sugar rush.  Even Brittany and Whitney got in on the fun with some lollipop posing.

    Enjoy these yummy confectionery creations and have a safe and happy Halloween!  

  • National Candy Corn Day ~


    Candy corn is one of those treats you either love or hate.  

    Even though most people prefer chocolate at halloween, candy corn is still one of the number one types of candy sold for the holiday.  Up to 35 million pounds will be made just in time for trick or treaters.  Another fun little fact is that this candy has been around since the 1880s!  Even if you don't enjoy this colorful confection, it will always make you think of fall and Halloween.  

    Have fun and spooky holiday!

    ~ E