• | Transformation Tuesday | From basketball to having a ball...

    Circus gym transformation

    black white blue circus carnival decore

    circus carnival decor

    Transforming venues is what we do best!  

    For this Transformation Tuesday let's look back at the time we took a high school gymnasium and created a carnival!  First, we draped the wall with stripes and then we brought in tables, linens (striped, of course), and our signature Chameleon Chairs to take the environment from basketball to just straight having a ball.  

    The look was completed with a stage set with our favorite CIRCUS sign and lighting from Toucan Productions.  One of our favorite little touches were the bright yellow roses set along each table with buckets of peanuts for a festive yet elevated evening event! 

    Needing a transformation for your upcoming party or corporate event?  Contact our creative stylists today!

  • | Inspired by | Coachella Party Decor

    For the last couple weeks you probably heard or saw pictures from the music festival Coachella.  While you may think it's just a really long concert, this event has actually turned into a big business machine.  Brands are taking over this festival by storm and using it as a way for them to get exposure among the cool kids.  And why do we care?  It’s all about the parties, of course!

    Let's take a look at the step and repeats, some signage, and the centerpieces that will be setting trends this spring and summer.

    party decor Coachella

    Not so basic balloons at Victoria's Secret

    party decor Coachella

    Flower power at Ulta

    party decor Coachella

    Pretty palms at Popsugar

    party decor Coachella

    Chic southwest at Pandora/T Mobile

    party decor Coachella

    Rainbow flowers at Revolve

    party decor Coachella

    Denim wall at Lucky Brand

    party decor Coachella

    Candy-coated at Moschino

    party decor Coachella

    Huge heels at Katy Perry Footwear

  • | Wedding Rentals | The pieces you'll want for your wedding

    oklahoma city tulsa wedding rentals

    oklahoma city tulsa wedding rentals

    oklahoma city tulsa wedding rentals

    oklahoma city tulsa wedding rentals

    Wednesday are always a good thing.  First of all, it means we're halfway through the week, and secondly it also happens to be Wedding Wednesday!  Eventures is passionate in everything we do, but we also have a soft spot in our hearts for weddings and all the amazing couples we get to meet.  

    Weddings can be such a stressful time but that doesn't have to be the case!  We specialize in everything from planning, designing, and even rentals so that we're with you every step of the way.  Even if you're having a small ceremony we have some extraordinary rentals to make even the tiniest wedding appear grand!  

    Here's a look around our showroom where you can find everything you need for your big day.  Schedule a styling showroom appointment today!

  • | Party Peeps | cute Easter décor ideas with Peeps

    decorating with peeps

    Peeps... love them or hate them, they really are the quintessential Easter candy!  

    Since they don't really taste like much (and most people prefer to look at them instead of eating them) let's look at these cute and easy decoration ideas.  Wouldn't a wreath made of peeps be an adorable way to welcome your friends and family for our Easter meal?  

    So this year instead of throwing out all those Peeps, makes some colorful and whimsical accents for your home.   

    { Photos from Real Simple }

  • | Wedding Wednesday | Hanging Wedding Décor Ideas

    Hanging Wedding Décor Ideas

    Coming up with fresh and new wedding decor ideas can be pretty tricky.  While there are so many trends to try, be sure to avoid overcrowding your tabletop.  Want to make a tasteful statement?  Take your eye up!

    Try out these hanging wedding décor ideas above for an elegant way to decorate tall ceilings or tents.  No matter what kind of theme or décor you're going for, we can help you find a statement piece to make your special day even more beautiful.  

    Make an appointment with our stylists today to get started designing your wedding today!

    { Photos from Martha Stewart Wedding }

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