• | Cheers to 75 years | Celebrating Milestones

    75 anniversary party
    sparkly anniversary party
    75th gala party
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    Milestones need to be celebrated.  While we all love a party, not everyone wants to (or has time to) plan them.  To celebrate life's big moments, Eventures possess a talent for quickly envisioning a space’s potential and transforming it into a unique and unexpected setting.  For this city's 75 years anniversary, we brought out the glitz with sequined linens, crystal candle holders, and fresh florals.  It was such a wonderful evening and we were honored to be a part of it!

    For celebrations large or small, let us make them memorable!

    Flowers by Trochta's with lighting by Toucan Productions.

  • | Wedding Wednesday | Adding greenery to your wedding

    We've already talked about the Pantone color of the year but let's look at the trend of adding greenery to your wedding...

    greenery for wedding design

    Greenery is the perfect color to build your event's color palette around.  Try using ivy to create an organic element for your design.  Bring in vines and boxwoods as a way to let in the outdoors, or embrace the environment of an al fresco venue by adding more greenery to go with the outdoor setting. 

    The texture can add interest to table settings, lighting, or bar set ups.  To get inspired, we love these ideas above from Style Me Pretty...


    Which reminds us of this beautiful garden inspired wedding we did several years ago!

    Brides, are you looking for more inspiration?  Check out our page over on Style Me Pretty's "The Vault!"

  • | Simply Southwest | Themed Party Rentals

    red linens western decor with backdrop

    barrel table with western backdrop

    wild west backdrop

    Western decor with jail back drop

    Themed rentals have always been a specialty of ours.  (Like these southwest party rentals!)

    When throwing a fundraiser, party, or luncheon, a fun way to get festive with your guests is to include a theme.  Looking back we've done so many themes over our 20+ years in business!  Our warehouses are filled with many options that would suit anything from a children's birthday party to a large scale corporate event.  

    Here's a look back at a southwest gala that we styled last year.  It's just a taste of the many options we have available.   OKC, let us spice up your next event!

  • | #WeddingWednesday | Common Mistakes Not To Make

    wedding aisle with flower frame

    As a bride you might feel pressured to make your wedding day absolutely perfect.  There are a few steps you can make to take some of the weight off your shoulders.  First of all, let the professionals take over so you can focus on enjoying this special time!  But before we can help you, let's look at these common mistakes that we can all learn from.

    Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine recently asked some of the top wedding planners what some of the biggest wedding mistakes were.  Here are the ones we felt were most important but you can read them all here.


    Picking a dress or wedding venue prior to establishing financial parameters is a lot like shopping without glancing at price tags and then strolling up to check out with your fingers crossed. You risk falling for a gown or location that breaks your heart when you realize that to afford it, you'd have to cut your guest list in half—or cancel the honeymoon. "The three initial hurdles are budget, guest list, and venue, and they should be tackled in that order," says planner Lynn Easton of Easton Events in South Carolina and Virginia. "Your budget defines your options and drives your decisions." While drawing one up, "include charges for overtime, gratuities, and car services from the start," advises New York City planner Marcy Blum. "By doing so, you avoid throwing money at things you weren’t prepared for."


    Just because the setting may be breezy doesn't mean the planning is going to be easy. "With alfresco affairs, people think we're just putting a tent in a field, and it’s going to be beautiful," says Hamilton. "They don't realize all the logistics necessary for a tented event to go off without a hitch." Bear in mind you'll need to rent bathrooms, kitchen facilities, lighting, fans or heaters, and generators.


    Yes, the movie version of your big day will go months or even years between viewings, and videography is a tempting place to cut costs. However, "Nothing compares to being able to relive your wedding in real time; it goes by in a flash," says Easton. "Our clients always call us to gush over the details the next day, and it's hard to hear when their only regret is not having hired a videographer."


    Of course you want your family and friends to have fun, but ultimately it's your wedding. Worrying too much about what other think of your decisions will take the joy out of the wedding-planning process and the focus away from what everyone is really celebrating, says Baab. As long as there's enough food, proper temperature control, and plenty of seats, you know your guests are well taken care of. Anything beyond that—colors, dresses, décor, venue—is all about you! 


    It's a commonly shared stat that you can expect at least 10 percent of your guest list to RSVP "no." While that may be the rule-of-thumb, it's not an exact science. And this can mean big problems for your budget or space if you've booked a venue that holds 200 but invited 240 with the expectation that 40 people will skip the festivities. "No one can guarantee how many guests will RSVP and how many won't until invites go out," says Baab. "The only way to truly keep your guest count and budget manageable is to limit your number of invitees." 


    It's great to stick to some wedding traditions if you like them, but don't feel obligated. If you just follow along and do what you think you're supposed to do, you'll end up with a wedding that says nothing about who you are. "What makes each wedding special is the bride and the groom that are being celebrated," says Cameron. "If tradition is important to you, infuse it with your personal style and attitude." With this simple tip in mind you'll create a wedding that shows off your family traditions while also reflecting your personality. 

  • | Inspired by... | The Met Gala

    If you're into fashion as much as we are, then you've probably heard of the Met Gala. If not you might be asking yourself what is the Met Gala??

    It's the biggest (and only) fundraiser for the Costume Institute (aka fashion department) of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. While this party had been going on for years, it wasn't until Anna Wintour took over as chairwoman back in 1999 that it became the ultimate evening for the fashions elite.

    Wanting to attend? Well even if you COULD get tickets (which is pretty impossible), the night will set you back $30,000 a ticket. But hey, at least it's for a wonderful and fashionable cause! We can't wait to see what this year's event looks like but until then, let's look back at some of last year's decor...

    Met Gala 2016 decor Vogue

    flower archway Met Gala

    Met Gala 2016

    Meta Gala party photos 2017

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