• | Creating a mood | Decorative details make the difference!

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    Rentals aren't just tables and chairs...  

    When you're creating an environment, you have to think of everything.  We're all about creating a mood that adds to the overall experience.  When you're planning your party don't just think of rentals as functional pieces.  They aren't just a place for your guests to eat and drink.  Instead, think of them as part of the guest's temporary home at your event.  Just like at home, decorative objects can help give your event instant personality and allow your guests to feel more comfortable and relaxed.  It'll make it all the easier for them to enjoy the experience.  Needing ideas, make an appointment and we can come up with a concept to impress your guests!

  • | Wedding Wednesday | Wedding Dress Secrets

    wedding dress secrets

    Being the experts that we are, we know a thing or two about weddings...  

    Before you even find a planner or start researching your wedding, you might find yourself wanting to go wedding dress shopping.  If so, here are some wedding dress secrets you MUST know before you go.  We're counting down the 5 most important wedding dress secrets that you need to know... trust us on #1!

    #5 -- They may not have your dream dress...

    Bridal salons don't always have every style.  Even if they carry the designer you're looking for they may not carry the entire line.  Call ahead and most salons can have it shipped in for you.

    #4 -- Keep it short and sweet

    Let's just say the more people you bring to help, the more problems can occur.  Keep your group short and sweet and limit it to your closest friends or family members.

    #3 -- Bring your bra

    While most salons provide different bras to accommodate different dress styles, if there is certain bra you have your heart set on wearing, just go ahead and bring it.  It won't be absolutely necessary until your first fitting but it's nice to have so you know what to expect.  

    #2 -- Shop for your body type

    Even though you might be dieting for your big day, you need to focus less on weight and more on shape.  Find a silhouette that is flattering with features that you love.  It’ll make sure you look and feel amazing.

    #1 -- Always Book an Appointment

    You may just want to look and not think you need one but the best way to get the attention that you want (and need) is to book an appointment in advance.  That way you won't waste your time, or their time, and will be more likely to receive their undivided attention.

  • Summer party rentals in Oklahoma City

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    Summer officially begins next week!  

    Looking to elevate your pool party, baby shower, birthday, or any other outdoor festivity you might be having?  Then let us help you with our selection of summer party rentals in Oklahoma City.  Eventures has everything you need to step up your next summer event.  From seating to centerpieces, we have what you need to style your upcoming party.  Contact us today to get started planning your summer events!

  • | #WeddingWednesday | Brushing up on your wedding etiquette

    Brushing up on your wedding etiquette

    With wedding season in full swing, it's time to brush up on your table manners!  

    The more casual the wedding the less formal the celebration but if you find yourself attending a black tie wedding then you better know how to behave!  Since it never hurts to brush up on etiquette, here are several rules from that we all need to know.  (Plus the bride will appreciate it!)

    As Soon as You're Seated, Put Your Napkin in Your Lap

    Beautiful displays of chargers, menus, and napkins are par for the course at today's weddings, but they make serving a meal a challenge. Once you've snapped a photo, move your menu to the side and put your napkin in your lap. This will allow servers to set down the first course or remove your charger without having to interrupt your conversation with your tablemates to move your napkin.

    Use Utensils from the Outside In

    A multi-course meal often comes with multiple forks, knives, and spoons on either side of your plate. Not sure which to use? Start with the smallest utensils (those set furthest from the plate) first, then work your way in. Leave the fork and spoon set above your plate for last: Those are for dessert, so save them for cake!

    Bread on the Left, Drink on the Right

    With eight to 10 people squeezed around a table, it can be hard to figure out which bread plate is yours and where you should look for your wine glass. Here's a quick way to remember: Hold out your hands and touch your pointer finger and thumb together on each hand. Your left hand will form a "b" (for bread!) and your right will form a "d" (for drink!), so the roll on the left is yours, and you should drink from the glass on your right.

    Your Silverware is a Signal

    Still working on your braised short ribs? If you're putting your fork and knife down, imagine your plate is a clock and set them at 4 o'clock and 7 o'clock. This will let the servers know you're not quite finished. When you are done, place your fork and knife together at 3 o'clock, with the tines of the fork and the tip of the knife at the center of the plate, and the staff will know that they can clear your meal.

  • National Donut Day (display ideas)

    This might be the sweetest day of the year.  Who doesn't love a donut... or should I say doughnut?  No matter how you spell it, I think we can all agree that they're AMAZING.  For weddings, parties, and brunches they will always be a crowd pleaser.  On today's sugary  holiday let's look at all the fun ideas and display options available for this delicious treat.

    wedding donut wall display

    donut hole display with flowers

    donut bag with sweet sign

    mini donuts coffee for brunch weddings

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