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  • | Wedding Wednesday | Brides we want to inspire you

    Eventures Inc wedding photos

    Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life...

    ... BUT it can also be one of the most stressful!  

    We want you to enjoy this once in a lifetime experiences, so Eventures specializes in taking care of every single detail.  We encourage you to embrace every second of planning your wedding and let us do the worrying.  Our team of stylists and wedding experts will help you be inspired and create a style that is all your own.  

    Schedule your appointment today and start looking forward to your big day!

  • | Rental of the Week | Carnival Themed Party Ideas

    popcorn kids party ideas

    Childrens party decor ideas Oklahoma

    popcorn party ideas

    Eventures Inc Oklahoma City rentals

    The triple digits have already arrived which means summer is in full swing.  If you're planning a party for little ones we suggest activities that keep them busy.  A carnival theme is always a classic idea and an easy way to fill the day with games and food that i sure to keep the kiddos happy.

    We recently created a carnival event at the fun new Wheeler District.  Even though it was for adults everyone enjoys feeling like a kid again.  Whether you're hosting a huge party or small backyard get-together, we have all the popcorn carts, tents, and carnival game rentals for a fun and festive event!

  • | Wedding Wednesday | Inspired by Chanel

    chanel bride couture 2017

    chanel bride veil

    A constant inspiration for us in the office is the beautiful designs of Chanel.  The fashion house's classic and timeless aesthetic never disappoints.  Every year we look forward to the company’s theatrical fashion shows to see what will be in style over the next year.  This week Chanel debuted its Fall/Winter 2017-18 collection and we loved every minute of it, ESPECIALLY the beautiful bride!

    While you might not get married in such a voluminous dress, you might consider the style of the veil.  How beautiful are those floral details at the nape of her neck?  It's just something you brides-to-be might want to consider.We love the idea of working elements of your wedding dress design into your decor.  Try pairing your dress’s design elements with the selection of décor for your special day.  In this case, we’d consider using lace lined linens and floral appliqués on your table settings. 

    Dreaming about your day?  Let us help inspire and execute your wedding!

  • | Creating a mood | Decorative details make the difference!

    gold decor rentals okc

    decorative details with moss.

    decorative rentals oklahoma city

    Rentals aren't just tables and chairs...  

    When you're creating an environment, you have to think of everything.  We're all about creating a mood that adds to the overall experience.  When you're planning your party don't just think of rentals as functional pieces.  They aren't just a place for your guests to eat and drink.  Instead, think of them as part of the guest's temporary home at your event.  Just like at home, decorative objects can help give your event instant personality and allow your guests to feel more comfortable and relaxed.  It'll make it all the easier for them to enjoy the experience.  Needing ideas, make an appointment and we can come up with a concept to impress your guests!

  • | Wedding Wednesday | Wedding Dress Secrets

    wedding dress secrets

    Being the experts that we are, we know a thing or two about weddings...  

    Before you even find a planner or start researching your wedding, you might find yourself wanting to go wedding dress shopping.  If so, here are some wedding dress secrets you MUST know before you go.  We're counting down the 5 most important wedding dress secrets that you need to know... trust us on #1!

    #5 -- They may not have your dream dress...

    Bridal salons don't always have every style.  Even if they carry the designer you're looking for they may not carry the entire line.  Call ahead and most salons can have it shipped in for you.

    #4 -- Keep it short and sweet

    Let's just say the more people you bring to help, the more problems can occur.  Keep your group short and sweet and limit it to your closest friends or family members.

    #3 -- Bring your bra

    While most salons provide different bras to accommodate different dress styles, if there is certain bra you have your heart set on wearing, just go ahead and bring it.  It won't be absolutely necessary until your first fitting but it's nice to have so you know what to expect.  

    #2 -- Shop for your body type

    Even though you might be dieting for your big day, you need to focus less on weight and more on shape.  Find a silhouette that is flattering with features that you love.  It’ll make sure you look and feel amazing.

    #1 -- Always Book an Appointment

    You may just want to look and not think you need one but the best way to get the attention that you want (and need) is to book an appointment in advance.  That way you won't waste your time, or their time, and will be more likely to receive their undivided attention.

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