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  • Runway to Tabletop ~ Patterned Perfection

    There is a delicate art to pattern mixing.   When dressing yourself in two different patterns you have to make sure they don't conflict with each other.  The patterns need to almost match and be each others ying and yang.  For the spring 2013 Vuitton show, Marc Jacobs took the classic check pattern and created a collection of mix-and-match pieces using different sizes of the same standout print.

    When dressing your tabletop, the same rules apply.  The patterns should be distinctive but should also have some matching characteristics.  Recently we took a classic checkered floor and added our fabulous patterned poufs, white leather CoCo Sofas, mirrored coffee tables, and bold pillows in contrasting black and white patterns...


    Like Coco Chanel said, the combination of black and white will never go out of style.  For your next event, let us create look of patterned perfection using this classic color palette.

    You know Coco would approve!


  • Runway to Tabletop ~ Black and white with a twist

    “Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” - Coco Chanel

    There is nothing more classic in fashion than a black and white palette. Fashion relies heavily on this ying and yang of colors. Just like the quote stated above, designers have always fallen back on this elegant combination. Recently, designer Ronny Kobo of Torn by Ronny Kobo came to my attention for her use of strong, colorful patterns. Her latest collection took a cue from Coco and featured graphic black and white prints. To make her designs stand out even more, she added some hot pink to the mix.


    We decided to have some fun with this classic theme as well. During a recent event, we used colorful florals to bring our printed black and white linens to life. Orange tones from the flowers combined with the heaviness of the velvet chairs also brought an element of fall to the event. The fun and festive swirl patterns on the linens perfectly balanced the formality of velour seating.





    It just shows that sometimes taking a classic and pairing it with the unexpected is the best result of all!

    xo Ally

    The Pinterest Princess