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  • inspired by autumn

    Fall has arrived which means 'tis the season of pumpkin spice everything, cozy sweaters, and cups of comforting cider.  While the fashion is undoubtedly the best, and the beverages simply delicious, it's this season's colors that we find so inspiring.  Look for rich burgundy, pumpkin oranges, and deep dark greens for your autumn palette.  

    It's this bounty of visual delights that keep us dreaming up new ways to make your events come to life!

  • Mood Board Monday ~ fall inspiration


    Fall is a magical time of year, the kids are going back to school and many of us are returning to our normal routines.  The changing of the season always brings the feeling of so many new possibilities.  For us, it means gearing up for the holidays and all the amazing projects we have the pleasure of working on.  It may be our busiest time of the year, but it's also our favorite!

    ~ E

  • Runway to Tabletop ~ Autumn Inspiration‏

    This time of year everything darkens. The leaves begin to change and the sun will start to go down earlier in the evening. Instead of wearing the vibrant colors of summer, you may find yourself muting your color palette a bit. Hermès Fall/Winter 2015 show was such a seasonal inspiration. I loved the luxurious fabrics, menswear inspired tweeds, and clean modern silhouettes. 

    While we love using bold color, fall tabletops tend to be a little more restrained. Textured fabrics, luxe seating, and a hint of color keep our autumn decor from being a bore! For example, our crocodile inspired Chameleon Chairs are a great way to introduce some richness into any fall themed event. They also just happened to remind me of a crocodile Birkin bag. A girl can dream, right?

    Other fabulous touches include caramel colored satin linens, damask details, and possibly even a little lace...


    Are you planning a fall themed event?  Let us inject some lavish details to take your event from drab to fab!

  • Runway to Tabletop ~ Burgundy Beauty‏


    The quickest fix to get yourself into the spirit of fall is to change your lipstick. Sure, a whole new wardrobe would do the trick, but if you just change one thing let it be your lipstick. The darker hue will make you appear as through you changed your whole look, even if the only difference is that one little swipe of color. To help find your perfect shade check out this article from Also, for inspiration check out our new Pinterest board, Lovely Lips and Makeup Tricks.


    As for around the office, color schemes have taken a darker turn as well. We're loving this burgundy trend and couldn't wait to try it out during one of our latest events! Dark red flowers mixed with black and silver made for lovely and romantic evening. Another touch I loved were the hanging flowers, I thought it added anethereal touch to the event. 

    What do you think of all this burgundy? Are you loving it as much as we are?
    xo Ally
    The Pinterest Princess