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  • A curious questionnaire with our Event Empress ~

    When it comes to weddings, our Event Empress is the ruler.

    Brittany Attaway joined us as an interim during her senior year of college and fell in love with the event planning world, especially weddings. She uses her creativity to assist clients in bringing their dream wedding to reality. Outside the office, she enjoys spending time with her loving husband Josh, their fur-babies Clark the cat and Henry thegolden-doodle, and is actively involved at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church.

    Let's find out even more about our Event Empress with this week's questionnaire...


    What is the first thing you do when working with a client, as Event Empress?

    I try to make clients understand that events and weddings are so much more than just linens and centerpieces. They can be works of art. Whether you are a non-profit organization, a corporation or a bride, there is a message you should want to convey to your guests. As your event and wedding designer, I can help you figure out what that message is, and help you implement it impeccably through the design and flow of the event.

    How does your process unfold?

    I love to get the full story from a client – what their goals are for the event, their thoughts and their budget. Then, I take time to piece everything together so I can propose them the very best vision based on their story.

    Where do you draw inspiration from?

    I look to New York and LA for a lot of my inspiration – from pop-culture to music to fashion and events – and try to catch on to what will be coming to Oklahoma within the next six months to a year. That way I know what I’m proposing to my clients won’t be out of style by the time their event rolls around!

    What is your favorite aspect of creating?

    Creating something new that’s never been done. I draw my inspiration from the past but always work to put a new twist on it. I never want to do the same thing twice!

    How would you describe your perfect wedding?

    “Perfect” can take many forms, but to me it starts with a bride who isn’t afraid to take a risk. One that doesn’t just go along with the trends. If she’s willing to open up and let me in as her Stylist and not just her “rental provider”, we can produce a design that is custom to her personality and catered to her wants and needs. Those are the very best and create the perfect outcome!

    If you could pick one word to describe one of your weddings, what would it be?


    What are your strengths:

    Good listener, compassionate, seeing the big picture

    What are your weaknesses:

    Blue cheese stuffed olives, Real Housewives of Orange County and Beverly Hills

    Pet Peeves:

    No common sense, not thinking for yourself, settling for mediocrity

    Dream Vacation:

    Spend a month in Italy and live like a local…I’ve never been very touristy. I just want to eat and explore the culture at my own pace.

    Favorite Color:

    Right now…Malachite green

    Favorite Quote:

    "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord. "Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

    What is one habit you have:

    I make up songs and tunes for daily tasks…from taking out the trash to completing a proposal. Every day should be a real life musical!


  • A curious questionnaire with our Madame la Presidente ~

     With a background including floral design, catering and event management, Whitney has a keen understanding for event production.  Add that to her love of pushing the fashion boundaries, and an imaginative spirit, she is a powerful leader that has the makings of the perfect President.  When she's not amazing us with her talent, she enjoys her begal cat Zoe and is actively involved with various charitable organizations.

    Let's find out more about our Madame la Présidente with this week's questionnaire and make sure to see last's post featuring our Creative Queen...


    What is the first thing you do as President?  

    Start my day with a Triple Venti Skinny Vanilla No Foam Latte…and always think 5 steps ahead!

    How does your process unfold?

    It’s more of a rolling effect than a folding effect. Like a snowball, you just keep adding on more and by the time you hit the target, the excess fluff has been removed. I think great events are created out of a process of dreaming and editing, dreaming and editing.

    Where do you draw inspiration from?

    Absolutely everything! I’m very visual, so just being in a state of awareness helps me draw inspiration from nature and my surroundings. I’m a picture junkie; pictures always resonate with my creative side. My husband thinks I’m crazy when I look at Instagram because I can process photos as fast as my fingers can scroll!

    What is your favorite aspect of creating?

    I love using the logical side of my brain along with the creative side. Building projects are always fun because they use both parts!

    How would you describe your perfect event?


    If you could pick one word to describe one of your events, what would it be?

    Magical…seriously, when you have that moment you step back and say “wow, is this real!”

    What are your strengths:

    According to my team, I can “Divide and Conquer” like no one else…or at least I can use that phrase like no one else!

    What are you weaknesses:

    Champagne, Award Show Red Carpets & Shopping.

    Pet Peeves:

    It kills me when my crew uses too many backdrop clips! (Probably can be summed up that my pet peeve is wasting time!)

    Dream Vacation:

    I’m such a beach-babe, without a doubt it would be to SCUBA in the Great Barrier Reef!

    Favorite Color:

    I have different favs for different areas of my life, and they are constantly changing! For events right now I’m digging an all-white look (so chic!)…for my house, I’m obsessed with shades of blue almost to a teal…for my wardrobe, it’s always black (that never changes!).

    Favorite Quote:

    “If it is to be, it is up to me!” -William H. Johnsen

    What is one habit you have:

    I bite my cheeks when I’m thinking. Don’t ask me why.