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  • Engagements ~ Let the professionals be professional


    My advice – allow professionals to be great in the field they specialize in.  

    Let the caterer handle the food, the planner organize and the stylist…well, style.  Don’t expect the best product if you hire one vendor trying to wear a million different hats.  Hire the best person for each task so that on the day of your wedding, all areas are handled with diligence and care.

    ~ Brittany

  • I already have rentals… do I need a Stylist as well?

     I’m already renting all of my decor items from you…why do I need a Stylist as well?

    Anyone can drop off rentals for your wedding reception, but only someone with an eye for styling can be trusted to add special personal touches in an artful and meaningful way. A real Designer takes the time to create a look that is polished from start to finish.


    While we are happy to provide purely a rental service to our brides, we highly recommend utilizing our styling and production services to ensure your vision turns out exactly as you dreamed it would. The day of the wedding shouldn’t be spent running around and stressing about the finishing touches. Where is the enjoyment if your day is filled with worry? You should relax and enjoy your time with friends and family on your wedding day, and most importantly, your new spouse.

    Let professionals handle the planning and design! You truly won’t regret it.




  • What is a Wedding Stylist?


    The role of a Wedding Stylist is relatively new term to many brides.  Let’s take a moment to clarify what an Event and Wedding Stylist actually does, and why you can benefit from having one. 

    What is a Wedding Stylist?

    An Event Stylist helps develop and articulate a bride’s desired vision for her wedding day.  The goal is to work together hand-in-hand to create a design that captures your personality.  A Stylist comes to the table with ideas, and keeps an eye on your entire event, rather than just one individual element.  It is important to create a cohesive look and feel that is unique to you, well thought out and intentional.  This special attention to detail paid by the Stylist allows her Bride to focus on enjoying her day, instead of stressing about the specifics.

    Your wedding day only happens once!  The celebration needs to be one that you, your family and guests will remember forever.