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  • Do I need a wedding stylist and a wedding planner?



    The role of a Wedding Stylist is a relatively new term to many brides.  Today we discuss how your wedding can benefit from utilizing both a Planner and a Stylist.   

    Can I have both a Planner and a Stylist, or do I need both?

    It’s always a great option to utilize both a Stylist and a Planner!  A Stylist will keep your overall design cohesive, while your Planner will keep your life organized.  

    At Eventures, we offer a variety of services for our brides, including styling and full event production. Full production includes many of the logistical elements brides request during the planning process, such as handling all contracts and payments with third party vendors, constructing and maintaining a custom diagram of your reception space, creating your event timeline and providing on-site representation and coordination on your wedding day. 

    We see your day as more than just a wedding – it is an event and experience that people will remember for years to come.  Our full production services create a seamless event logistically from start to finish, resulting in an unforgettable wedding for you to enjoy.



  • Wedding Stylist vs. Wedding Planner



    The term “Wedding Stylist” is relatively new to many brides.  Let’s take a moment to clarify the role an Event and Wedding Stylist plays on your wedding day, and how it  differs from a traditional Wedding Planner. 

    What is the difference between a Stylist and a Planner?

    Basically, an Event Planner takes care of the more personal details of the wedding planning process, while an Event Stylist focuses on the aesthetics and overall atmosphere of the event. 

    A planner can oversee aspects including, but not limited to:  Wedding attire, ordering invitations & handling RSVPs, limos & transportation, guest accommodations & room blocks, meetings with wedding officiant and overall personal assistance during the wedding day.  

    A stylist can oversee aspects including, but not limited to:  Developing a custom design, partnering with florist and other vendors to create and maintain cohesive styling throughout all facets of wedding, creating the overall day-of vision through fabric, décor, flowers and lighting, and overseeing all design aspects during the wedding day. 

    Both a planner and a stylist are very important, and neither should be overlooked!