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  • | Wedding Rentals | The pieces you'll want for your wedding

    oklahoma city tulsa wedding rentals

    oklahoma city tulsa wedding rentals

    oklahoma city tulsa wedding rentals

    oklahoma city tulsa wedding rentals

    Wednesday are always a good thing.  First of all, it means we're halfway through the week, and secondly it also happens to be Wedding Wednesday!  Eventures is passionate in everything we do, but we also have a soft spot in our hearts for weddings and all the amazing couples we get to meet.  

    Weddings can be such a stressful time but that doesn't have to be the case!  We specialize in everything from planning, designing, and even rentals so that we're with you every step of the way.  Even if you're having a small ceremony we have some extraordinary rentals to make even the tiniest wedding appear grand!  

    Here's a look around our showroom where you can find everything you need for your big day.  Schedule a styling showroom appointment today!

  • | Wedding Wednesday | Hanging Wedding Décor Ideas

    Hanging Wedding Décor Ideas

    Coming up with fresh and new wedding decor ideas can be pretty tricky.  While there are so many trends to try, be sure to avoid overcrowding your tabletop.  Want to make a tasteful statement?  Take your eye up!

    Try out these hanging wedding décor ideas above for an elegant way to decorate tall ceilings or tents.  No matter what kind of theme or décor you're going for, we can help you find a statement piece to make your special day even more beautiful.  

    Make an appointment with our stylists today to get started designing your wedding today!

    { Photos from Martha Stewart Wedding }

  • | Wedding Wednesday | Hanging Wedding Décor Ideas

  • | Wedding Wednesday | Place cards or escort cards?

    Welcome to Wedding Wednesday!  Today we're answering a question we commonly get...

    What's the difference between place cards and escort cards?

    pressed-flower seating assignments

    Most people actually think they are the same thing but they are in fact different.  While both are used to inform your guests where they will be seated at the reception, place cards are more formal and more specific.  A place card not only tells the guest which table but the EXACT seat as well.

    escort card cocktail flags for nautical-inspired wedding

    If you're looking for a more informal seating arrangement, use escort cards.  These cards will direct everyone to their table number but they are then free to choose their own seat.  Consider it the more casual choice.

    flower-topped escort card display

    Occasionally couples will have both escort cards and place cards.  Or it's totally fine to skip place cards and opt for escort cards.  It just depends on what kind of wedding you're planning on having.  

    No matter what your style is, we're here to help you achieve your dream day!

    { Images from Martha Stewart Weddings Instagram }

  • | Wedding Trends | The over-the-top arrival

    wedding arrival

    Last week we talked about wedding trends for the new year.  Couples are looking for more unique and exciting ways to arrive (or depart) at their weddings, which got us thinking...

      What about those couples who are thinking outside-the-box when taking the plunge?  Literally?!

    How about a daredevil couple who parachutes into their ceremony.   Other over-the-top options include horses, ski lifts, or helicopters, and even the occasional elephant.  A memorable entrance is something any bride would love to make but you’re usually given few options.  So if you are looking to make your arrival or departure as amazing as you are, then we can help!  

    Let us customize your day to fit any dream... parachute optional.