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  • from ice bars to antler chandeliers ~ #TBT

    Before you know it you'll be hearing about pumpkin-spiced-everything along with Halloween treats and eventually Christmas!  Don't let the holidays sneak up on you, start planning now.  We can help you with your office Christmas party, production, or anything in between. From over-the-top, let us create and customize your dream event.

    Just don't wait until it's too late! Start your holiday planning today.

    ~ E


  • Engagements ~ take your time


    My advice – take your time.

    You only get to plan your wedding once! Don’t try to pack all the preparation into a couple of months. Giving yourself time to game plan really helps keep stress level down. Planning over a longer period of time also helps secure availability of the venue, photographer, stylist etc. that you desire to work with.

    After all, the process leading up to your wedding should be a fun time – not a stressful one!

    ~ Brittany

  • Mood Board Monday ~ backing up the backdrop

    It's all about the backdrop...

    Think about when you're at dinner -- soft lighting, romantic music, and a beautiful backdrop make all the difference in the world. For an upcoming event we're focusing on the backdrop.  Reflective, textured, or rich looking, all the touches will add to the evening's experience.  

    In this case, opulence doesn't mean overdoing it. 

    ~ E



  • Engagements ~ Now what?

    fairy tale wedding

     You’re engaged.  Congratulations!

    Now what?

    I’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks through personal experience with my brides as a wedding stylist - be sure to check out some of that advice here and here.  I hope you find these guidelines helpful during the season of planning you’re about to embark upon.

    No matter what, always remember…you’re the bride!  You make the rules.  Not sure what set of rules to play by?

    Call me.  I’m here to help!

    ~ Brittany

  • Mood Board Monday ~ metallic, mirrored, and magical


    Even though Christmas is eight months away, it's our job to start planning for it.  Red and green may be the traditional Xmas theme, but we enjoy the challenge of creating something more original.  While planning this year's showstopper we were inspired by these multifaceted Christmas displays.

    We're dreaming of a metallic, mirrored, and magical Christmas!

    ~ E