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  • Looking back to help you plan ahead ~ Part 3


    If I could go back in time… I would have chosen a bigger venue.

    I had close to 350 guests at my wedding (maybe more.) it was important to my husband to invite everyone so that they could celebrate with us. I myself would have been fine with a smaller crowd, but it was a lot of fun to share such a special moment with so many. Our church was the perfect size, but the reception venue was a bit tight. Looking back, a bigger venue would have held everyone more comfortably. A wedding venue of that size in Oklahoma can be a little hard to find! It takes a some digging to find the right venue for your guest count. Search through every option and always,alwayslook into the venue’s maximum guest count. If you know you’ll be expecting more than the max…move on until you find the right fit. The extra time spent looking will be worth it in the end!

    ~ Brittany 

    (photo by Brett Heidebrecht Photography)



  • 3 Ways I Practice what I Preach ~


    3 Ways I Practice what I Preach as an Event Designer:

    As an event professional, people look to me to be their guide on the planning journey. I really try to put them on a path that leads to a party with fresh ideas and an alternate perception for their guests.

    1 – Gather Inspiration.

    Some days, my life revolves around logistics, but others…are pure inspiration! It might be something as simple as the glorious Oklahoma sunset or as exciting as a fashion runway in Paris, but no matter what is inspiring to me at the moment, I’m constantly in search of imagery that will translate into my everyday life.

    2 – Work Hard, Play Hard!

    I’m a true believer in hard work; it is how my parents raised me. If you’re truly motivated to have an event that goes off flawless, you have to put in plenty of prep time to make sure that you have every detail lined up prior to the day of the event. Even at parties I’m hosting in my home, I keep a detailed list of everything I want to accomplish…and I work hard to make sure everything is fully executed! Then, I kick back, relax and enjoy the party!

    3 – Dream Big!

    There is no limit to the creative level you can take your event to. I like to imagine the most out of this world concepts, that might not even be realistic at the moment. Then I challenge myself to make it into a process that is achievable. In my spare time, I’m designing a new home that my husband and I will break ground on later this year (Yes, I am doing this in our busy season…and yes, I am crazy!). I’ve thrown some crazy, off-the-wall ideas out there, and now we’re pairing those down to figure out what works within our budget and where we can splurge for some of those eccentric ideas! Never let someone shoot down your ideas too early in the process…live a little!


    ~ Whitney 

  • A curious questionnaire with our Creative Queen ~


    With a combination of creativity and love of theatre, Mary Ellen Alexander specializes in customizing events to fit her client's needs.  Her passion for architecture, fashion, as well as being an eternal optimist, allows her to bring over-the-top creations to life.  Let's find out more about our Creative Queen with this week's questionnaire!

    What is the first thing you do as creative director queen?

    I always keep my eyes open. I never know where I may find my inspiration. I am always looking at everything in many ways and then I document it. I see something and it may not have a thing to do with what I am working on….so I save it. My creative files are massive. This process has been going on for years.

    How does your process unfold?

    I like working on multiple projects. Hate deadlines, but then love the pressure of deadlines. I’ve never been one to follow the same process. I have a tendency to think “really big aspects” and “out of the ordinary” and then work from there. It is interesting in the fact that I am very detailed, but like the chaos.

    Where do you draw inspiration from?

    Everything…literally. Nature, architecture, magazines, fashion is big with me, conversations, colors, interior désign, music, theater, textiles. The list is endless…. It really is what I said before, I always keep my eyes open and the inspiration comes.

    What is your favorite aspect of creating?

    The idea of “no restrictions” is a huge part of it. I love not being confined. Having the opportunity to “dream” is pretty cool!

    How would you describe your perfect event?

    Wish I could, no event that is perfect. Nothing is really perfect. There is always something that needs attention. It is just part of the process and the challenge to make it perfect.

    If you could pick one word to describe one of your events, what would it be?

    “…” awesome! I guess that is two words!


    ~ E

  • Seamstress gone wild ~


    No she's not hiding from Monday...

    We're busy playing with all of the new prints and pillowcases that just arrived in our styling showroom!  With hundreds of new pillowcases -- from metallics, to plaids, and everything in between, we're ready for whatever comes our way.  Make an appointment and see what we can style for you.  The holiday season is just around the corner so don't wait!

    ~ E

  • Wedding Tip of the Week ~ Establishing a Guest Count


    Tip – Establish your guest count first.

    When the engagement happens and the planning begins, brides can often skip the important step of establishing their guest count and go right into other planning details. Your guest count determines a lot – like your venue, your menu, and overall cost. Don’t get stuck in a situation where you book a beautiful venue that seats 100, and then have 250 people RSVP! Or a situation where you end up spending much more than you anticipated, all because of food and beverage cost per person.

    Try this trick to tackle the daunting task of narrowing down your list. Ask your fiancé and both sets of your parents to sit down individually and write every person’s name they would want to invite down on a piece of paper. You do the same. Establish a deadline and then meet to compare your lists for duplicates and discuss everyone’s expectations. Create lists of “definitely” and “maybe.” Walk away from the list when it feels like you can’t narrow down anymore, and come back to it later with a fresh mind and perspective until you get it to where it needs to be.

    My rule of thumb – if you wouldn’t invite someone to dinner and pay for their meal, you shouldn’t invite them to you wedding. Some bride’s lists will be in the 100s and others in the 300s (or more), and that’s okay! Once you establish your guest count, everything else can begin falling into place.

    ~ Brittany