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  • | Transformation Tuesday | from Gym to Gorgeous Gala


    Events can take place where you least expect it.

    We're starting a new feature on the blog this week called Transformation Tuesday!  We'll be taking you on a visual journey of how we are specializing in taking something like a gymnasium and turning it into a glam gala.  See video of what it takes over on our Instagram!


    Before / After



    Our silver fanfare Chameleon chairs, silk linens, black and sequined silver curtains, and pastel paper flowers convert the environment from basketball gym to a candle lit event!





  • S P R I N G forward!


    With spring arriving in less than two weeks, it's time to S P R I N G forward and sacrifice an hour of extra sleep to daylights savings.  These adjustment weeks are always extra tiring on our bodies but we'll gladly make the change for the extra sunlight we get.  Put down the vitamin D supplements, turn off your S.A.D. lamp, and get ready to enjoy all the bright and cheerful spring days ahead!  

    Also are you stressed about planning your next event?  Let us help you destress when you make an appointment with one of our design and coordination specialists who can take charge of your upcoming party, meeting, or event.  

    So enjoy that EXTRA hour of sun and let us be your custom creative concierge! 


  • Mood Board Monday ~ Red, White, and Blue Stripes

    red, white, and blue decor 

    This weekend was a busy one!  We had several events and while they were completely different concepts, there was one similar theme... Red, white, and blue stripes!  It's the perfect color palette for when you're trying to create a patriotic, bold, or festive feeling.  For this past weekend, the combination was used to show honor at one of our events while at another we used it to take our guests to the circus.  

    No matter what event theme or color palette you're wanting, let us help guide you to the perfect execution of your idea!

    ~ E


  • A curious questionnaire with our Madame la Presidente ~

     With a background including floral design, catering and event management, Whitney has a keen understanding for event production.  Add that to her love of pushing the fashion boundaries, and an imaginative spirit, she is a powerful leader that has the makings of the perfect President.  When she's not amazing us with her talent, she enjoys her begal cat Zoe and is actively involved with various charitable organizations.

    Let's find out more about our Madame la Présidente with this week's questionnaire and make sure to see last's post featuring our Creative Queen...


    What is the first thing you do as President?  

    Start my day with a Triple Venti Skinny Vanilla No Foam Latte…and always think 5 steps ahead!

    How does your process unfold?

    It’s more of a rolling effect than a folding effect. Like a snowball, you just keep adding on more and by the time you hit the target, the excess fluff has been removed. I think great events are created out of a process of dreaming and editing, dreaming and editing.

    Where do you draw inspiration from?

    Absolutely everything! I’m very visual, so just being in a state of awareness helps me draw inspiration from nature and my surroundings. I’m a picture junkie; pictures always resonate with my creative side. My husband thinks I’m crazy when I look at Instagram because I can process photos as fast as my fingers can scroll!

    What is your favorite aspect of creating?

    I love using the logical side of my brain along with the creative side. Building projects are always fun because they use both parts!

    How would you describe your perfect event?


    If you could pick one word to describe one of your events, what would it be?

    Magical…seriously, when you have that moment you step back and say “wow, is this real!”

    What are your strengths:

    According to my team, I can “Divide and Conquer” like no one else…or at least I can use that phrase like no one else!

    What are you weaknesses:

    Champagne, Award Show Red Carpets & Shopping.

    Pet Peeves:

    It kills me when my crew uses too many backdrop clips! (Probably can be summed up that my pet peeve is wasting time!)

    Dream Vacation:

    I’m such a beach-babe, without a doubt it would be to SCUBA in the Great Barrier Reef!

    Favorite Color:

    I have different favs for different areas of my life, and they are constantly changing! For events right now I’m digging an all-white look (so chic!)…for my house, I’m obsessed with shades of blue almost to a teal…for my wardrobe, it’s always black (that never changes!).

    Favorite Quote:

    “If it is to be, it is up to me!” -William H. Johnsen

    What is one habit you have:

    I bite my cheeks when I’m thinking. Don’t ask me why.


  • Wedding Tip of the Week ~ Establishing a Guest Count


    Tip – Establish your guest count first.

    When the engagement happens and the planning begins, brides can often skip the important step of establishing their guest count and go right into other planning details. Your guest count determines a lot – like your venue, your menu, and overall cost. Don’t get stuck in a situation where you book a beautiful venue that seats 100, and then have 250 people RSVP! Or a situation where you end up spending much more than you anticipated, all because of food and beverage cost per person.

    Try this trick to tackle the daunting task of narrowing down your list. Ask your fiancé and both sets of your parents to sit down individually and write every person’s name they would want to invite down on a piece of paper. You do the same. Establish a deadline and then meet to compare your lists for duplicates and discuss everyone’s expectations. Create lists of “definitely” and “maybe.” Walk away from the list when it feels like you can’t narrow down anymore, and come back to it later with a fresh mind and perspective until you get it to where it needs to be.

    My rule of thumb – if you wouldn’t invite someone to dinner and pay for their meal, you shouldn’t invite them to you wedding. Some bride’s lists will be in the 100s and others in the 300s (or more), and that’s okay! Once you establish your guest count, everything else can begin falling into place.

    ~ Brittany