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  • A spot of tea ~

    tea party decor and rentals oklahoma city  

    What little girl didn't grow up pretending to have a tea party?

    For us, tea parties bring back memories of child-sized tables and chairs along with darling mini tea sets.  Back then guests were usually limited to dolls and teddy bears and the cuisine was probably imaginary too.  Now that we're all adults, the parties are even better then when you were a kid!  While the sentiment is the same, the decor and refreshments have definitely been upgraded.

    We recently designed a beautiful tea party using luxurious lace linens and our exclusive Chameleon chairs.  Guests were treated to classic china sets and colorful crystal goblets that matched perfectly with all the delicious treats and tea.  

    Let us bring one of your childhood memories to life.  Wanting to have a girly event, birthday, or baby shower?  A classic tea party might be the way to go and we promise it'll be better than you remember!



  • S P R I N G forward!


    With spring arriving in less than two weeks, it's time to S P R I N G forward and sacrifice an hour of extra sleep to daylights savings.  These adjustment weeks are always extra tiring on our bodies but we'll gladly make the change for the extra sunlight we get.  Put down the vitamin D supplements, turn off your S.A.D. lamp, and get ready to enjoy all the bright and cheerful spring days ahead!  

    Also are you stressed about planning your next event?  Let us help you destress when you make an appointment with one of our design and coordination specialists who can take charge of your upcoming party, meeting, or event.  

    So enjoy that EXTRA hour of sun and let us be your custom creative concierge! 


  • Linens finish the look ~





    Linens can play such an important part when planning your event. Do you want to add drama or color to your dinner party? Or are you wanting to completely transform a room for your wedding? Our large selection of lavish linens can do just that.

    Here's a peek at a recent event where we used our French Blue Leather Embossed Velvet linens from Resource One. They added instant richness when paired with gold candlesticks and colorful centerpieces. For more information on our linens, make an appointment to visit our styling showroom today!

     ~ E




  • 3 Ways I Practice what I Preach ~


    3 Ways I Practice what I Preach as an Event Designer:

    As an event professional, people look to me to be their guide on the planning journey. I really try to put them on a path that leads to a party with fresh ideas and an alternate perception for their guests.

    1 – Gather Inspiration.

    Some days, my life revolves around logistics, but others…are pure inspiration! It might be something as simple as the glorious Oklahoma sunset or as exciting as a fashion runway in Paris, but no matter what is inspiring to me at the moment, I’m constantly in search of imagery that will translate into my everyday life.

    2 – Work Hard, Play Hard!

    I’m a true believer in hard work; it is how my parents raised me. If you’re truly motivated to have an event that goes off flawless, you have to put in plenty of prep time to make sure that you have every detail lined up prior to the day of the event. Even at parties I’m hosting in my home, I keep a detailed list of everything I want to accomplish…and I work hard to make sure everything is fully executed! Then, I kick back, relax and enjoy the party!

    3 – Dream Big!

    There is no limit to the creative level you can take your event to. I like to imagine the most out of this world concepts, that might not even be realistic at the moment. Then I challenge myself to make it into a process that is achievable. In my spare time, I’m designing a new home that my husband and I will break ground on later this year (Yes, I am doing this in our busy season…and yes, I am crazy!). I’ve thrown some crazy, off-the-wall ideas out there, and now we’re pairing those down to figure out what works within our budget and where we can splurge for some of those eccentric ideas! Never let someone shoot down your ideas too early in the process…live a little!


    ~ Whitney 

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