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  • 9 ideas for your corporate event

    9 inspired ideas for corporate event

    Planning a corporate event can feel like a overwhelming.  Every year it gets more difficult to come up with something new and fresh.  Needing some help?  Perhaps we can help... 

    Eventures specializes in corporate events, business luncheons, and large scale productions.  We know how difficult it can be to wow clients and employees on a budget, and we can help you come up with an plan.  Here are nine ideas to get you thinking...

    1. Masquerade  -- Easily create a black tie evening on a budget just by focusing on a color theme of red, gold, and black.  Add live music and romantic lighting to add to the ambience. 

    2. Moulin Rouge -- Wanting your guests to feel free to cut a rug?  Make dancing the main focus with a Moulin Rouge theme.  Focus your attention on the stage and add live acts or dancers to complete the vibe. 

    3. The Oscars -- Gold, glamour, and statues can easy transform any venue into an Oscar theme event.  Add a red carpet and Hollywood props and this theme can easily be achieved.

    4. Vegas, Baby! -- Casino nights are extremely popular because they give your guests something to do.  Bring in casino games and the famous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign and you're good to go!

    5. Grand Gala -- Oversized centerpieces, elegant décor, and grand lighting will give your party a gala feel.  Go crazy with confetti, masks, and hats, or keep it simple with the focus just being on the décor.

    6. Wine Tasting -- A great idea for a smaller group is a night of wine tasting.  Get with local vendors and add a wine pull to make it festive.

    7. Under the Sea -- Bring out shades of blue and centerpieces of shells because this event is taking your guests to beach.  Bring it to life with nautical décor and a Caribbean themed meal.  

    8. Secret Garden -- Get out the greenery and focus on lighting to create a sense of wonderment.  Have the event outdoors, or use a tent and bring in plants to create the feeling of being outside. 

    9. Broadway -- Hang stage curtains, bring out the lights, and add live musical numbers so that your guests feel like they've been transported to NYC.  Keep the color scheme black and white and decorate the walls with anything theatre themed.