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    Happy St. Patrick's Day!  This year the holiday falls on a Friday, which we think is pretty perfect.  Since you know you're going to want to celebrate in one way or another, let us give you a suggestion...

    Avoid the green watered down beer this St. Patrick's Day and instead cheers to the holiday with these 5 drinks!


    Irish Iced Coffee 

    Mix a strong iced coffee with whiskey and heavy cream for a deliciously pick-me-up.

    Irish 75 drink

    John Collins

    A take on the classic Tom Collins cocktail, this drink has whiskey instead of the traditional gin. 

    Irish rose

    Instead of green, let's go with with this pretty pink cocktail which is a combination of sweet red grenadine and freshly-squeezed lime juice.

    Irish Rose

    John Collins

    Love the French 75?  Try this Irish version with whiskey instead of gin.

    Irish 75

    white knight cocktail

    This beautiful beverage features white port (or Lillet Blanc) to add just the right amount of sweetness.

    White Knight

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